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Did you know you start producing milk in Pregnancy ?

We believe that with Knowledge , Breastfeeding problems can be significantly reduced!

Smiling Baby

Breastfeeding Sessions

Breastfeeding Sessions are designed to enable the right start to your breastfeeding journey. You are prepared for a successful breastfeeding journey.  We hold your hand and answer every question for you! Did you know that you start producing milk in Pregnancy itself? Yet, a lot of mothers question their milk supply. We help you learn the right parameters to judge these  situations. We are your companion through Pregnancy and Postpartum!

Individual Sessions include :
  • Each of these sessions are virtual/live.

  • Sessions range from 1.5-2.0 hours each

  • Digital copies (handouts) of the content are provided.

  • Postures are guided and corrected along.

  • Basic QnA at the end of each session

Breastfeeding Basics

This session gives you three key areas to start and establish breastfeeding on a fantastic note. This answers for you:


  1. How do breasts make milk?

  2. How to latch the baby?

  3. Painless Breastfeeding


This solves for you:

  • Cracked Painful nipples

  • Baby not latching on

  • Low milk supply


Hospital to Home

This session prepares you on how to initiate breastfeeding in the hospital, what to do after a vaginal and a cesarean delivery as well as the different positions to get started with Breastfeeding well.


NewBorn Care

This session includes everything about taking care of the baby from burping to massage to ensuring that the baby is full. This session is critical to be able to manage Breastfeeding, maintain a good supply as well as avoid and manage the basic baby issues.


New Mother Care

This session helps you learn how to take care of your breasts while feeding and nutrition for breastfeeding.


Preparing to go back to work

Going back to work is a major step in your breastfeeding cycle. Preparing yourself mentally as well as ensuring a steady supply of breastmilk for the baby is essential. This session prepares you for


  1. Preparing yourself emotionally.

  2. Preparing for separation and maintaining breastfeeding.

  3. Pumping and storage

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