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Chhavi Mittal's Birth Story | Unnecessary Hastening the Labor | Verbal Abuse | Medical Interventions

Chhavi Mittal is an Indian Actress, model and producer who is a mother of two beautiful children , Areeza and Arham. The story of her two births was covered in CNA Insider's documentary , 'A million cuts - India's C-section Epidemic' which is an attempt at blowing the gaff on India's rising C-section rates in the hospitals. In hushed voices, we all know it. We all talk about birth and women's bodies being used as a money making machine in the corporate hospitals.

In hushed voices, we also talk about the verbal rage with which women are treated in the medical system especially with Birth. Their autonomy is swiftly snatched away. It is high time the unethical practices come to limelight. Chhavi made a brave move. After the birth of Arham, she revealed on Instagram on her 5 page Birth Story, how she was met with aggressive and abusive treatment at the hospital with the birth of her son in 2019. With her first born , Chhavi was induced 11 days prior her estimated due date. She realised later how irresponsible of the doctor it was to casually tell her that this is absolutely safe. Her body was not ready, her baby was born with assitance. Learning from this experience, the couple took hypnobirthing classes and prepared well in advance to counteract any intervention they could meet in the medical system. Chhavi circulated her birth plan with clear preferences to her doctor and pediatrician. She refused induction to begin labor which was offered again without any clear medical reason. Despite clear communication, and a nicely progressing labor , medical drugs were introduced to hasten the process, a crunch situation created which turned the tables on her. Chhavi was working with her labor very well. She was in trance and already 8 cms dilated when intervention was introduced.

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Medical interventions without a proper reason can change the outcome of birth, can alter the experience completely. In Chhavi's words, " What started off beautifully turned into something ghastly later"

Chhavi's story is a significant move at calling out the wrongs in the medical system. It can be an eye opener for many.

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