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Sameha's Positive Birth Story at Sanctum, Hyderabad, the signficance of Lamaze Classes and more..

A Story of Meconium Birth | Short Labor | Transition at home | Going Past Due Date

Four is often a gang ! Sameha and I became friends in College, shifted rooms to become room mates. We were four of us with two other girls who shared a room together. Together we formed a gang!

She was always my critical thinker, my logical half and is till date. Her logic came handy also during shopping and trust me needed that logic so much when spending , haha. More than a decade later, we are still friends , connected through social apps and sharing our big and low moments on and off, motherhood stories and often boring yet glittering family details.

Even before Sameha was expecting, she had heard of Sanctum Birth Center from me. Her mind was made up. When she began visiting them, she would often text me or call me explaining, how the care was so different from a hospital. Midwifery care always is , which is the primary reason I took up traditional midwifery training because I could not see women suffering at the hands of the medical system any more, I wanted to be the backup, the answer, the medical system unfortunately is is worsening its standards every day.

Anyhow, our conversations were centered around her Lamaze Classes and I was training to be a Childbirth Educator back then and began offering Lamaze Classes in Delhi soon after.

I remember her ask me, Divya I feel tired everynow and then, I do not explicitly workout , will that have an impact on my desire of a normal birth. I would wonder and tell her to trust her body , women do not need to grind themselves in Pregnancy for a natural birth. It does help but listening to the body does more and you would see that in her story where she was already transitioning and was thinking it should get more intense but baby was already coming.

Birth is more an emotional process than physical . Your body knows what to do, the mind needs to learn to work with it!

Okay and the baby was already coming, Sameha was home. She then realised she needs to go to the birth center which was at around 2 in the night still an hour away. (Secret- distance to your health center does not matter)

And baby had already passed meconium for two hours, what happened next? You should hear it from her in her own words....


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