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What is a natural birth? Natural vs Normal aka Vaginal?

I personally do not like the term , 'normal' for the simple reason that there is nothing abnormal about a surgical birth, it is a different procedure but it is not natural, not the way nature intended you to birth the baby but if in case there is real danger to the baby and you, yes it is a medical boon!

Having said that, in my opinion, how our mothers birthed us some 30 years ago in a hospital is vaginal or normal birth as they say. It is not natural. Simple! , no?

The reason is that if you sit them down and ask them how was the experience and they would open up to horrendous stories of pain and poor experience making you believe that this is the only way birth happens. Compounds to this is the media propagated picture of birth as an emergency situation where only a hospital can ensure that the baby is born.

In all this we forget deep down that we are animals , mammals really much similar to the category of cats , dogs and elephants. We do not lay eggs, yes! We bear our children in our womb, add dear and lioness to that haha!

Bear , may be you like that better?

Much like all these mammals are designed to birth their baby without the need of drugs , we now know that , a homely space, privacy (ever seen a cat give birth?, she will run away if you see her birthing ), a few people and next to no disturbance, gives women the labor high, or the labor trance which helps them cope with the intensity of contractions , gives women enough time and space to work with nature and reduces complications!

Our mothers especially in the hospitals birthed on drugs, little to no movement, excrutiating pain , little to no food, were shouted at and ridiculed. They experienced a pain much greater than nature ever intended women to take.

Need more understanding? I know , my writing hat is drenched today.

Listen to this short and crip audio episode to know more...


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