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"A Home Birth Experience and the Bittersweet Arrival of Zainab"

Updated: Feb 28

Every journey is unique, marked by its twists and turns, joys, and heartaches. One such remarkable tale unfolds as an individual navigates the labyrinth of labor, ultimately leading to the birth of their baby, Zainab. This blog shares the intimate details of a home birth experience, celebrating the triumphs, acknowledging the challenges, and grappling with the profound loss that followed.

The Journey Begins:

As the clock struck 3:00 in the afternoon, contractions signaled the onset of a transformative journey. During a 36-hour labor ahead, Mubina found comfort in prayer, rebozo and hip squeeze, embracing the ebb and flow of contractions. The intensity grew, indicating the baby's descent, and comfort measures like holding became vital.

Labor Unfolds:

Labor progressed through the night, with active coping mechanisms like roaring. Mubina, determined and resilient, embraced discomfort, staying active, with a dilation beyond 5-6 cm. Tapasya’s encouragement marked a pivotal moment, revealing the progress and setting the stage for the intense contractions of the night.

The Long Night:

As contractions intensified, frustration and desperation loomed. The idea of hospitalization crossed her mind, but the intensity and nocturnal hour posed challenges. Various attempts to alleviate pain were made, with walking proving to be the most comforting. Support from her husband and communication with Tapasya became anchors through the night of escalating intensity between all this staying home made it more convenient for Mubina.

The Pushing Stage:

The pushing stage brought relief, with Mubina opting for a mattress for delivery. The process unfolded with the baby's head emerging on the fourth push, marking the triumphant conclusion with the baby's cry echoing in the room.

Post-Birth Reflections:

Post-birth, awe and disbelief set in, accompanied by a sense of relief at the absence of tearing. The podcast sheds light on the discussion about the low risk of uterine rupture in home births, emphasizing trust in the body's innate capabilities.

Celebration and loss:

The arrival of Zainab brought celebration and observation of her unique features. However, the narrative takes a turn as Zainab’s sudden passing is revealed. Despite efforts at resuscitation, the family faced the reality of her demise, leaving a void that words cannot fill.

Grieving and Acceptance:

In the aftermath, condolences poured in, and the family opted not to seek answers about Zainab’s cause of death. Home schooling became a channel for healing, with a dedicated year to educate the children about birth and biology. 

The Return Home:

Returning home to Kuwait from India became a surreal experience, marked by cherished memories and mixed emotions.  Despite the pain, the home birth provided a day of precious moments with Zainab that might have been elusive in a hospital setting.

Mubina found answers from the stories of other women who crossed her path, which strengthened her belief that her choices were right. 

Listen to the story now to know how we are connected to our ancestors karmically and a soul may choose to join us for a short period of time only to show us light.This podcast stands as a tribute to Zainab, a poignant reminder of the complexities inherent in the delicate dance of life and death. 

Link to full podcast episode: 

About the guest: Mubina Ahmed is a homeschooling mother of four lovely children, a childbirth Educator and doula from Kuwait


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