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Your companion for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Postpartum.  Access Childbirth Classes,  Lactation Consultation , Prenatal Yoga and more in Delhi and virtually around the world.

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I am Divya Kapoor, an Internationally Certified Lactation Counselor, Birth Educator, Podcaster and a mother of a toddler.....

I involve myself with pregnant mothers helping them prepare their body , mind and soul for a Positive Birth experience. A lot of experienced mothers know that Birth is the biggest transformational phase of your life, more than your wedding, more than any exam. If you are a first time mother reading this , there is wisdom in that experience that guides you to be better prepared and enable a smoother transition.

You might have questions about whether you will be able to manage Labor pain, you might be anxious, fearful but may not be able to frame the questions because there is very little guidance on what you need to give birth. 


My work involves providing this guidance, emotional support and holding your hand by answering questions throughout your Pregnancy. I offer Birth Classes to prepare you for Healthy Pregnancy, Vaginal, Cesarean, VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) , Breastfeeding, Physical and Emotional Preparation for Labor and Postpartum (phase after you have delivered)

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Feeling Mom's Tummy

Prenatal Classes where the couples are encouraged to learn together how the pregnancy unfolds, what would help the utmost growth of the baby, exercise, nutrition, labor management, pain management with the recent evidence backed information


Breastfeeding is often the most unsupported and unrecognized part of the Birth Journey. We help families learn how to best initiate and establish a good Breastfeeding relationship through best procedures and methods. We educate the families on the benefits of breastfeeding for the mother and baby as well as the family so that there is ongoing support. Families just by educating themselves can help the mother solve 80% of breastfeeding issues such as painful breastfeeding, low milk supply etc.


Counselling to help you solve problems of painful breastfeeding, low milk supply, breast pain , engorgement etc with recent evidence backed knowledge!

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A  20 minute free call to understand your needs and interests and how you want to design your journey! 

Anuradha Rawat

Hey Divya, first of all thank you for everything! Your work is not just work , it’s blessing to all the pregnant women out there. Your podcast and all the classes that you gave were so helpful, so informative to me. I felt strong , aware and supportive throughout! Pls keep the good work, I am wishing to experience the magic of home birth with you next time ……


Divya is truly passionate about her work in helping new moms. Her caring love and support in combo with trained professionalism is priceless. She first inspired me in live discussion meetings, then helped me in labour and now guiding through post partum. 10 out of 10.

Sonali Bansal

I have consulted Divya for lactation issues after my delivery. And she is a bliss! I feel with her being in the picture, I feel mentally more cantered. Her prompts and suggestions are always valuable and works. I would recommend more and more people go to lactation consultants because lactation might be a natural thing but it’s a muscle you need to flex. With right guidance it becomes easier.


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