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Divya Kapoor

Certified Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor, Doula, Prenatal Yoga trainer and Traditional Birthkeeper

Inspired by the lack of support during my birth and breastfeeding journey, I began looking for answers which led me to my calling of supporting more and more women find 'authentic' and change 'affirminng' support in their desire to birth naturally.

The face of birth has changed from our mother's times with rising Surgeries. Until women and families 'prepare' for birth intentionally and structurily learning about the varying situations they may land up with and how to work through these, the outcomes are not going to change. I help families do exactly that! I mentor them through Childbirth classes and support them physically and emotionally as a Doula/Traditional Birthkeeper.

The love mums shower on us.... 

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Anuradha Rawat

Hey Divya, first of all thank you for everything! Your work is not just work , it’s blessing to all the pregnant women out there. Your podcast and all the classes that you gave were so helpful, so informative to me. I felt strong , aware and supportive throughout! Pls keep the good work, I am wishing to experience the magic of home birth with you next time ……
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Divya is truly passionate about her work in helping new moms. Her caring love and support in combo with trained professionalism is priceless. She first inspired me in live discussion meetings, then helped me in labour and now guiding through post partum. 10 out of 10.
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Sonali Bansal

I have consulted Divya for lactation issues after my delivery. And she is a bliss! I feel with her being in the picture, I feel mentally more cantered. Her prompts and suggestions are always valuable and works. I would recommend more and more people go to lactation consultants because lactation might be a natural thing but it’s a muscle you need to flex. With right guidance it becomes easier.

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