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There are so many decisions to make during Pregnancy and preparing for Childbirth as well as Parenting. I am sure, creating a baby nest, buying clothes, little utilities is a fascinating part of it all and we guide you on how to decide which is best for you among the plethora of baby products thrown at you.


 Alongside, there are some very crucial decisions to make regarding pain reliefs, vaginal tearing, labor pain management, baby care, going back to work and the relationship changes, fitness and more. 


In my experience with numerous mothers, there is nothing that has impacted their beautiful births more than personalized care. Preparing for Childbirth and Parenthood requires inner work. It needs one to acknowledge our fears, apprehensions, discuss queries and through the answers plus physical and emotional preparation, feel empowered to take on the journey of labor, birth and parenthood.


I offer a 20 minute complimentary discussion call to understand where you are in your imagination of birth and what care is required to prepare you for the Birth you have imagined. 

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A  20 minute free call to understand your needs and interests and how you want to design your journey! 

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