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"Birthing Dreams: Mubina's Odyssey to a Home Birth After Four Cesareans"

Updated: Apr 4

Would you believe me if i said, a husband without any preparation could deliver his child at home because the doctor refused to do any more Surgeries on the woman as she conceived after multiple cesareans?

Mubina's mother who was not onboard in the beginning turned into a believer with this story?

Wanna know how? Read on

In the face of her mother's apprehension and after undergoing four cesarean sections, Mubina discovered the strength to choose a home birth. A serendipitous encounter with an auntie and her uplifting home birth tale became the driving force behind Mubina's resolute decision to reclaim her birthing experience.

They say the path appears when you earnestly seek it. Mubina's extraordinary journey through a home birth after four cesareans serves as a powerful testament to the indomitable strength of the human body. Unbeknownst to her, she began searching for answers right after her first cesarean, an odyssey that would lead her to the revelation that babies arrive in their own time, following a script beyond our control.

The Unveiling

Mubina's initiation into motherhood began with an unexpected twist – an emergency cesarean after a premature rupture of membranes at 35 weeks. The doctor's intrusion, a un fateful peek inside, possibly led to an infection, paving the way for the surgical intervention. The cesarean, scheduled on an ostentatious date, unfolded a cascade of challenges – a stint in the NICU for her newborn, unkind nurses, and a tumultuous breastfeeding journey. Despite feeling uninformed and unsupported, Mubina discovered the miraculous healing power of her breast milk.

The Desire for Vaginal Birth

Undeterred by her initial experience, Mubina embarked on her third pregnancy with a newfound desire for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). However, the doctor, armed with skepticism about the baby's size and potential complications, coerced her into another cesarean. The birth of a healthy 3.2 kg baby disproved the doctor's concerns, highlighting the unnecessary interventions that had clouded Mubina's birthing experience.

Struggling Against the Tide

With a heart still yearning for a normal birth during her fourth pregnancy, Mubina faced discouragement from the doctor. Fears of tearing and lacking awareness about successful VBAC stories led her once again to the operating room. Despite a normal pregnancy, itching issues persisted, unresolved by the medical practitioner. The birth of a 2.9 kg baby did little to ease the complexities that had become synonymous with Mubina's birthing journey.

A Global Quest for Hope

In search of a more supportive birthing environment, Mubina expanded her horizons globally. Amidst her exploration, she stumbled upon Tapasya, a birth keeper in India. Fueled by hope and armed with newfound knowledge, Mubina decided to embark on a journey to India for a home birth after four cesareans. Her husband and mother rallied behind this unconventional decision, marking the beginning of a transformative chapter.

Navigating the Resistance

Arriving in India, Mubina encountered resistance from doctors skeptical about a home birth after four cesareans. A chance encounter with a relative, who shared a positive home birth story, breathed life into Mubina's determination. Tapasya, a traditional midwife, emerged as the guiding force, navigating Mubina through the intricacies of pregnancy. As the due date approached, Mubina embraced the waiting game, keeping necessary documents ready for any unforeseen circumstance so she could transfer to the hospital.

And so, the stage is set for the climax, the moment of truth as Mubina's labor begins on the eve of Eid. The story unfolds, each chapter a testament to Mubina's resilience, a celebration of her unwavering spirit as she strives to reclaim the birthing experience she so ardently desires. In the tapestry of birthing dreams, Mubina's odyssey continues, promising a finale that echoes with the triumphant cries of new life.

Stay tuned for Part II, where the labor, birth, and post-birth events will be unveiled, showcasing the extraordinary culmination of Mubina's journey toward embracing the power within.

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About the guest: Mubina Ahmed is a homeschooling mother of four lovely children, a childbirth Educator and doula from Kuwait


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