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Sara and Khan's Free Birth Story

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Before , deciding on writing about the next podcast episode, I had opened Netflix to entertain myself and ofcourse decided against it. I am in a romantic autumn mood as I write this, smiling joyously having finished editing Sara and Khan's free birth story.

Over our recordings which were numerous , there was definitely a beautiful connection established, I can imagine them talking to me, explaining how home births were our Indian culture and how so much has been lost with time. The chirpy Zion cooing between conversations or crying out loud to call on mama and papa.

Sara and Khan became pregnant in 2020, right around the time Covid was fading in India and with this foreigners were being asked to go back. Sara is from Sweden and Khan is from Kerala. Sara decided to knock at the gates of the hospital for the required paper work needed for Visa and other formalities. She always intuitively knew hospitals are not health friendly but was open to explore.

The kind of treatment she was met with in the hospital further cemented her faith in nature and her body and they continued with their plan to birth at home.

Initially, they did a search for a local midwife also called 'Dai' in India and could not find anyone but they say when you really want something, you find a way to it. They found Tapasya and took Childbirth Classes from her which included readying themselves for Birth and any emergency situation.

Oh I wish to go and speak about the entire experience, but it would be unfair not even half as mesmerizing as it is to hear in their own voice.

In this episode , we discuss:

  • Medical System's view of a person based on stats as against the individual person.

  • How Sara and Khan decided to Free Birth?

  • Their preparation for it and the emergencies

  • Detailed description of labor and birth

  • Detailed description of the birth of placenta

Listen to the first part of their story here:

Get your headphones on, continue what you are doing and enjoy!

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