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The Journey of Vinita Mansata: A Home Birth in 1994 and Holistic Parenting

The Decision for Home Birth

Disappointed by her first experience of a typical caesarean

delivery, Vinita embarked on a quest to reclaim the sanctity of childbirth, guided by her intuition and a deep desire for a more empowering birthing experience.

Redefining Illness and Healing

Driven by her conviction, Vinita sought wisdom from everyday people, the "Aam Admi," who possessed firsthand experience with natural birth. Inspired by their insights, she made the bold decision to opt for a home birth for her second child, rejecting to see a gynaecologist at all. Despite facing resistance from her own mother, Vinita remained steadfast in her commitment to honoring the natural process of childbirth and empowering women to make informed choices about their bodies.

Controversial Choices - Natural healing

In addition to embracing natural childbirth, Vinita made unconventional choices regarding her children's health and well-being. She challenged traditional notions of illness and healing, opting to allow her children's bodies to heal naturally without relying on allopathic medicine or other alternative modalities. Furthermore, Vinita chose not to vaccinate her children, citing her belief in the body's innate ability to develop immunity and the importance of informed consent.

Seeking Wisdom: Traditional Birth Keepers vs. Medical Establishment

Throughout her journey, Vinita found solace and wisdom in the guidance of traditional birth keepers, Dais of India who embodied centuries-old practices and holistic approaches to childbirth. In contrast, during the only ultrasound, the radiologists scared her. However, when she asked the dai whether, despite the vertical scar, she could naturally birth the baby, and the dai asked how she feels about her body strength, to which she said her body could handle it. The dai then affirmed, "If your body is strong enough, then that's it, which further empowered her.

We discussed in this episode in detail about

1. Journey of her decision of a home birth some 30 years ago.

2. Details of the home birth and postpartum.

2. Choices to relook illness for children and allow body to heal on its own.

3. Choosing not to vaccinate both her children and breastfeeding the younger one for 6 years

4. The wisdom of the traditional birth keeper and the absurdity of the radiologist.

Tune in to Listen to Vinita's Story and the Evolution of the "Born Free" Movement, Unveiling a Journey Towards Natural Birthing and Holistic Parenting Practices.

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About the Guest

Vinita Mansata is an independent publisher by the name Earthcare Books and runs a bookstore called Earthcare Bookstore. 


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