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Water Birth and your Birth Space?

Adorned with beautiful dim lights with a birth pool in the center, images of snug home births aka water births present a picture of a gentle , smooth and blissful birth experience.

A woman hazily working through surges in her pool with her husband/partner by her side. Curious children sneeking in with wonder and amazement. Makes for a beautiful story and yes home births do make for a beautiful story - some smooth and gentle, some with hilarious twists only for the roads to converge beautifully at its destination with a new life carving its birthday story like my daughter says and some fast pacing high drama births that keep you hooked on - so on and so forth.

Water birth Podcast
Water birth and your birth space Podcast

When it comes to imagining a beautiful birth space, I often hear women talk about water births, the beautiful pictures and the idea of water as a perfect pain reliever.

I also get an idea that it is a common belief that water birth can ensure a normal/vaginal delivery. Before we, even begin deciding on what we want our birth to be like, it is important to know that there is a difference between normal/vaginal and natural birth! Check out what it means here.

However, when I speak about natural births, what ensures a better experience is not water births but a woman's Birth Space. What is a birth space, it does sound like we are talking about her physical environment and I, in my Childbirth Classes do talk about ensuring a cozy , comfortable environment but what is even more important to understand is that if your all messed up and turbulent emotionally , the physical environment is rendered powerless.

So what really has the power? Your emotional state, yes , is your super power in birth - water birth or no water birth. Yes, it is a topic of another discussion how water birth may not be for everyone.

So how do you work on your emotional state? What does it entail? It is a big umbrella to cover. I do work individually with your personal preferences, fears , visions and impediments in my childbirth classes . And the work begins early in pregnancy and it heavily depends on where you choose to birth!

Back to the questions of working on your emotional state for labor and birth, we speak to Tapasya Kulkarni , a birthkeeper about it in detail in this short and crisp episode on the podcast as a part of our series 'The Birth Better Series'

Be sure to listen to both , what really is your Birth Space and how do you 'nurture it!

What is your Birth Space?

Nurturing your Birth space!

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