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Divya Kapoor

Why would a Software Engineer redefine her journey and start helping mothers as an Internationally Certified Lactation Counselor and Birth Educator?


I had a traumatic Birth Experience, so much so I had Post Postpartum Stress Disorder, bouts of Panic and anxiety coupled with sleeplessness. It took me guidance and support to realize what I lacked during my Birth Journey. It was ‘Preparation’!

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga

Knowledge is Empowerment!

I am Divya Kapoor, mother of a toddler , your birth and breastfeeding companion who is all things love, empathy, freedom to decision making and embracing the path of knowledge to empowerment. 


I guide mothers about



With my own motherhood journey. I realize ‘Motherhood’ is the most transformative stage of life you will ever go through. It will change things. It did for me. 

Hands Up

Continous Support

The power to create is magical, mysterious and overwhelming. However, women often question their power to deliver but much like all animals out there, you all have it deep within yourself what it takes to give birth. Since, we are far detached from our natural world, we need guidance.


Alongside guidance, I offer continuous Birth and Postpartum support to my clients. I also run a Podcast which is a free perinatal education audio resource.

Hands Up
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