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"Birthing Realities: The Simplicity of Birth in Rural India - the birth and survival of 1 kg baby"

Updated: Mar 28

Will you be worried if a baby is born 1kg and not sent to the NICU ??

Anjali's story is a compelling exploration of childbirth experiences, reflecting the contrast between rural and urban settings. Her attempt to birth all three children at home, with the first two in the village and the youngest in the city, highlights the diverse contexts in which childbirth unfolds.

The mention of the second birth being a transfer after laboring at home for quite a while, with the baby weighing 1kg, adds a layer of complexity to the narrative yet makes the solutions so simple, without the modern facilities the care was more holistic and mother and baby centric which we fail to achieve in the technology reliant care that has enveloped us all.

This detail underscores the challenges and decisions that individuals like Anjali face during the birthing process, especially when circumstances necessitate a change in plans but this also tells us how simple and possible transfers are in cases of potential emergencies.

The narrative delves into a broader discussion about the perception of birth as safe or unsafe and emphasizes the importance of learning from those who live a more natural life. It suggests that understanding how birth unfolds naturally can guide decisions and interventions when necessary. And the baby despite being born weighing 1 kg is healthy and is 3 years old and a fun loving child.

Listen to Anjali's story to know how she dealt with different situations with each of her babies birth.

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