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Closing of the bones Ceremony

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The Closing of the Bones ceremony is a Traditional postpartum healing ritual that originated in Ecuador and has been practiced by various cultures around the world. It is a ceremonial practice intended to provide support, healing, and closure for women after childbirth.

During the Closing of the Bones ceremony, the postpartum woman is wrapped in a special cloth or shawl while lying on a mat or bed.

A traditional Shawl called Rebozo is used in it for closing the bones and relieving any stiffness in the glutes and hip muscles of the mother.

A pregnant woman being relieved by rebozo is shown in the picture
Rebozo Practice

The ceremony is usually conducted by midwives and doulas in the community, They perform a series of gentle, rhythmic movements that involve rocking, swaying, and pressing on different parts of the woman's body.

The movements and the pressure applied are believed to help realign and reposition the bones, muscles, and organs that may have shifted during pregnancy and childbirth. It is thought to promote physical healing, relieve tension, and provide emotional and spiritual support to the new mother.

The ceremony is often accompanied by the use of herbs, oils, and other traditional remedies that are believed to have healing properties. Prayers, songs, and blessings may also be included to honor the woman's journey into motherhood and to provide a sense of closure to the birthing process.

The process involves:

  1. Full Body Massage

  2. Rebozo realigning the muscles and bones of the mother

  3. Herbal Bath

  4. Herbal Tea to warm up the body

  5. Closing the bones

The Closing of the Bones ceremony is not a standardized practice, and its specific elements may vary depending on cultural traditions and individual preferences. It is important to note that this ceremony is not medical care, it is traditional postpartum support. It is meant to complement and enhance the overall well-being of the mother during her recovery period.

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